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Our Monroe Connecticut team of professional electricians are on standy by to respond to any and all your electrical needs. We value the safety of your family and property and we handle each issue accordingly accordingly.

Our team of electricians are licensed and we always carry valid insurance, in order to verify that we are in good standing before we start a job. Electrical damage cause by improper wiring can be severe so be very careful when hiring an electrician that can not provide both of these validations. We recommend you request copies of their license and insurance certificate before signing any contract. 

With over 10 years of experience with installing electrical generatos, our Mazzucco Electric’s generator installation teams can handle all types of clients including high security data centres, national and international retailers and manufacturers in Monroe, CT. 

Our level of expertise at Mazzucco Electric, guarantees that even while your electrical issue might be an emergency to you, there’s a high chance we have probably encountered the same situation during our previous projects, and we’ll be able to fix it fast and professional. 

Once settling for the electrician of your choice, make sure to also weigh in your best options concerning price and experience. To further have a detailed view of the job, ask for project specifications in writing, as well as costs and the approximate completion time. This should should help protect you if anything goes wrong with your electrical problem.

Contact Mazzucco Electric today (203-257-0297) to get in touch with the best electricians in Monroe, CT and learn how we can help you with your electrical project.

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